Smart Series Cable For Lightning (5V 2A,1M / 2M)

  • Brand: DEVIA
  • Product Name: Smart Series Cable For Lightning (5V 2A,1M / 2M)
  • Lightning 1M
  • Function: charging + Sync
  • Port: USB 2.0 to Lightning
  • Output: 5V 2A
  • Material: Pure copper wire +TPE
  • Length: 1M /2M
  • Colors: White



1 meter, 2 meters

Introducing My Devia’s Smart Series Cable For Lightning (5V 2A,1M / 2M) – Boost Your Sales!

My Devia is thrilled to present the Smart Series Cable For Lightning (5V 2A,1M / 2M), a revolutionary charging and sync cable designed to enhance your customers’ mobile experience. This high-quality accessory boasts remarkable features that will undoubtedly attract tech-savvy consumers and ensure higher sales for our valued resellers.

Smart Series Cable For Lightning (5V 2A,1M / 2M): Unmatched Performance and Durability

The Smart Series Cable For Lightning offers unrivaled performance with its USB 2.0 to Lightning port, delivering a steady 5V 2A output for lightning-fast charging and seamless data synchronization. The cable’s pure copper wire and TPE material guarantee exceptional durability, making it a reliable companion for everyday use.

Choose Your Ideal Length and Color

To meet various customer preferences, this versatile cable is available in two lengths: 1M and 2M. Whether your clients need a compact cable for on-the-go charging or a longer one for convenient use at home or in the office, My Devia has them covered. Additionally, the cable comes in an elegant white color, adding a touch of sophistication to their devices.

A Game-Changing Addition to Your Product Portfolio

For resellers seeking cutting-edge products to elevate their portfolio, the Smart Series Cable For Lightning from My Devia is the perfect choice. Its innovative features, coupled with the renowned DEVIA brand, ensure an attractive selling point that will resonate with consumers seeking reliable and stylish accessories.

Elevate Your Sales with My Devia

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to offer your customers the Smart Series Cable For Lightning. With its unbeatable performance, durability, and sleek design, this product is bound to fly off the shelves and boost your revenue. Partner with My Devia today and take your business to new heights!


Delivery Time

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