Storm Series Hdmi Cable (Type-C To HDMI)

  • Brand: DEVIA
  • Product Name: Storm Series Hdmi Cable (Type-C To HDMI)
  • Model: EC084
  • Material: TPE+Aluminum shell
  • Current: 2A
  • Weight: about 58.5g
  • Length: 2M
  • Color: Black



2 meters

Introducing My Devia’s Storm Series HDMI Cable (Type-C to HDMI) – The Perfect Choice for Resellers!

Are you looking for a reliable HDMI cable that delivers exceptional performance and durability? Look no further! My Devia is proud to present the Storm Series HDMI Cable (Type-C to HDMI), a cutting-edge product designed to meet the demands of modern digital connectivity.

Storm Series Hdmi Cable (Type-C To HDMI): Unmatched Quality and Design

The Storm Series HDMI Cable (Model: EC084) is meticulously crafted using high-quality materials, including TPE and an aluminum shell, ensuring both flexibility and robustness. Our cable is built to last, withstanding everyday wear and tear to provide a consistent and uninterrupted signal transmission.

Powerful Performance

With a current rating of 2A, the Storm Series HDMI Cable guarantees stable and fast data transfer, offering superior image and sound quality during presentations, gaming, or multimedia streaming. Experience the true potential of your devices with this exceptional HDMI cable.

Perfect Length and Easy to Handle

At 2 meters in length, the Storm Series HDMI Cable strikes the ideal balance between convenience and flexibility. Its ergonomic design ensures hassle-free connectivity, making it an excellent choice for both professional and personal use.

Sleek and Modern Black Design

My Devia understands the importance of aesthetics, and that’s why the Storm Series HDMI Cable comes in an elegant black color. The sophisticated design seamlessly complements your devices and setup, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

Become a My Devia Reseller Today!

Are you a tech enthusiast or a retailer looking to expand your product offerings? Partner with My Devia as an official reseller of the Storm Series HDMI Cable. Join our growing network of distributors and benefit from attractive wholesale prices, dedicated support, and a top-notch product that customers will love.

Conclusion: Elevate Digital Connectivity with My Devia’s Storm Series HDMI Cable

In conclusion, My Devia’s Storm Series HDMI Cable (Type-C to HDMI) sets a new standard in digital connectivity. With its unmatched quality, powerful performance, and sleek design, it’s the perfect choice for resellers seeking a reliable and marketable product. Don’t miss the opportunity to become a My Devia reseller and offer your customers the best HDMI cable on the market!


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