Smart Series 3 In1 Magnetic Charger For Iphone&Watch & Earphone V5 (15W)

*Material: ABS + PC
*Input: 5V/2A 9V/2A 12V1.5A
*Mobile phone: 5W/7.5W/15W
*Earphone: 3W (MAX)
*Watch: 2W(MAX)
*Conversion rate: ≥70%
*Product size: 185*82*60mm
*Certification: CE/FCC/ROHS
Supports magnetic charging for iPhone 12
and other device which support Qi  protocol
The watch stand is removable

Introducing My Devia’s Smart Series 3 In1 Magnetic Charger For Iphone&Watch & Earphone V5 (15W) – A Game-Changer for Resellers!

As a reseller looking to offer cutting-edge and efficient charging solutions to your customers, look no further than My Devia’s Smart Series 3 In1 Magnetic Charger For Iphone&Watch & Earphone V5 (15W). This versatile charging dock is designed to cater to the charging needs of modern users, making it a must-have product for your inventory.

Powerful Features for All-Around Device Charging

The Smart Series 3 In1 Magnetic Charger is built using premium quality materials such as ABS and PC, ensuring a robust and durable design that withstands daily usage. With multiple charging options, this device supports charging at various power levels to accommodate different devices.

Versatile Charging Compatibility: Smart Series 3 In1 Magnetic Charger For Iphone&Watch & Earphone V5 (15W)

One of the key highlights of this charger is its compatibility with the latest iPhone models, including the iPhone 12, thanks to its magnetic charging feature. Additionally, it supports other devices that utilize the Qi protocol for wireless charging, providing your customers with a convenient and efficient charging experience.

Customizable Charging Options

The Smart Series 3 In1 Magnetic Charger offers flexible charging capabilities, catering to three essential devices in one compact unit. With different power outputs, users can charge their mobile phones at 5W, 7.5W, or even 15W, ensuring fast and optimized charging for their specific devices.

Enhanced Charging Efficiency

This magnetic charger boasts an impressive conversion rate of ≥70%, making it an energy-efficient option. With its 15W output, charging times are significantly reduced, providing your customers with more time to stay connected and enjoy their devices without interruptions.

Compact Design with Removable Watch Stand

The product’s dimensions of 1858260mm ensure it occupies minimal space on your customers’ desks or bedside tables, making it ideal for both home and office use. Furthermore, the removable watch stand adds versatility, enabling users to customize their charging setup according to their preferences.

  • Embrace the Future of Charging Solutions

As a reseller, offering My Devia’s Smart Series 3 In1 Magnetic Charger in your product lineup allows you to provide your customers with a high-end and futuristic charging solution. With its versatility, efficiency, and compatibility with the latest devices, this charger is sure to impress tech-savvy consumers seeking the best in charging technology.

Incorporate the Smart Series 3 In1 Magnetic Charger For iPhone, Watch & Earphone V5 (15W) from My Devia into your offerings today, and witness the delight of your customers as they experience the ultimate convenience and speed in charging their devices. Elevate your product range with this exceptional charging solution and stay ahead in the competitive market of technology accessories.


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