Leather Case With Pencil Slot iPad Pro2/3/4/5 12.9″/11″

*Material: Linen grain leather & TPU
*Softness: Moderate
*Built-in pencil slot
*Imported TPU  durable and shockproof back cover
*Linen grain leather, sleek leather, smooth touch feeling
* Intelligent Wake-up
* Multi-angled Stand

Black, Dark Blue, Red

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My Devia Leather Case with Pencil Slot for iPad Pro 12.9″/11″ – A Must-Have Product for Resellers

Welcome, resellers! Are you searching for a top-notch product to add to your inventory? Look no further! Introducing the Leather Case With Pencil Slot iPad Pro2/3/4/5 12.9″/11″, designed exclusively for iPad Pro2/3/4/5 12.9″ and 11″. This premium accessory combines the perfect blend of style, protection, and functionality, making it a hot-selling item for any tech-savvy customer.

A Closer Look at the Product: Leather Case With Pencil Slot iPad Pro2/3/4/5 12.9″/11″

1. Premium Materials for Superior Quality:
Crafted from linen grain leather and TPU, the My Devia Leather Case boasts unmatched durability and elegance. Its softness level is precisely moderate, offering a comfortable and smooth touch feeling for the users.

2. Intelligent Pencil Slot:
This innovative leather case features a built-in pencil slot, making it convenient for users to carry their Apple Pencil securely alongside their iPad. Say goodbye to misplaced or lost pencils!

3. Reliable Protection:
Imported TPU is skillfully integrated into the case’s back cover, providing robust shockproof protection for the iPad. This ensures that accidental drops or bumps won’t be a cause for concern.

4. Sleek Design, Multi-angled Stand:
The My Devia Leather Case is designed to impress with its sleek leather finish. Its multi-angled stand feature allows users to enjoy their iPad Pro at various viewing angles, making it perfect for both work and leisure activities.

5. Smart Wake-up Function:
Say hello to the intelligent wake-up feature! The case automatically wakes up the iPad when opened and puts it to sleep when closed, conserving precious battery life effortlessly.

For Resellers:

1. High Demand and Marketability:
The My Devia Leather Case with Pencil Slot is a crowd-pleaser! With its compatibility with multiple iPad Pro models, it appeals to a wide customer base. Its stylish design and functional features make it a desirable choice for tech enthusiasts and professionals alike.

2. Trusted Brand – My Devia:
As a reseller, offering products from a well-established and trusted brand like My Devia ensures customer satisfaction and builds trust. Their commitment to quality and innovation will reflect positively on your business reputation.

3. Lucrative Margins and Volume Discounts:
Partnering with My Devia means accessing attractive profit margins and exciting volume discounts, allowing you to maximize your earnings while offering competitive prices to your customers.


In conclusion, the My Devia Leather Case with Pencil Slot for iPad Pro2/3/4/5 12.9″/11″ is a top-of-the-line product that perfectly aligns with the needs and preferences of today’s tech-savvy consumers. As a reseller, adding this premium accessory to your catalog is sure to boost sales and attract a broader customer base. Embrace the opportunity to partner with My Devia, and let this fantastic product take your business to new heights!


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