Intelligent TPU Soft Protective Front Film (0.35mm) (50PCS)

Protective Front Film

Imported flexible explosion-proof film, the anti-scratch surface coating is more wear- and scratch- resistant.

The film’s strong flexibility and automatic repair performance protect your phone screens effectively.

0.35mm Ultra-strong Anti-explosion

After testing with a solid ball of 50g dropping from a height of 150cm, the screen with our film is not easily broken.

Highly Sensitive

The 0.35mm golden thickness provides a smooth and responsive touch experience with no delay. Smoothness and flexibility are improved, just like touching on the bare device.

Nano Oil-repellent Coating

It effectively prevents oil and water stains, which is also fingerprint-proof, offering you a clearer screen.

Large Size Of 12X18cm

It’s compatible with all phone models below 7.2 inches.




Delivery Time

We will send out package in 48 hours after payment. Actual Transportation depend on client requirement



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