Rosy Series Leather Case With Pencil Slot for iPad


Black, Blue, Pink


Ipad 10 10.9", iPad Pro 4/5 12.9", iPad Pro2/3/4 11"

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Discover the Sleek Rosy Series Leather Case With Pencil Slot for iPad by My Devia

Looking to elevate your customers’ iPad experience? My Devia has the perfect solution for you. Meet the Rosy Series Leather Case With Pencil Slot for iPad, a premium accessory designed to provide unparalleled protection and functionality for a range of iPad models.

A Perfect Fit for Various iPad Models: Rosy Series Leather Case With Pencil Slot for iPad

The Rosy Series Leather Case is tailored to fit the latest iPad models with precision. It is compatible with iPad 10 10.9”(2022), iPad Pro 4/3/2 11”(2022), and iPad Pro 6/5/4 12.9”(2022). With such versatility, this case offers resellers the opportunity to cater to a wide customer base, ensuring maximum market reach.

Uncompromising Style and Durability

Crafted with a combination of high-quality TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) and PU (Polyurethane) materials, this case exudes elegance while ensuring exceptional durability. The electric pressing process ensures precise cutouts and seamless edges, adding a touch of sophistication to the iPad.

Expressive Color Options

The Rosy Series Leather Case is available in three captivating colors: Black, light blue, and light pink. These options provide resellers with the chance to offer a selection that caters to diverse customer preferences, making it an attractive choice for a wide array of users.

Lightweight and Portable Design

Weighing just 290g and measuring 255*195mm in size, the Rosy Series Leather Case strikes the perfect balance between protection and portability. Your customers will appreciate the slim and lightweight design that adds minimal bulk to their iPad, allowing for easy carrying and usage on the go.

Enhanced Functionality with Pencil Slot

One of the standout features of the Rosy Series Leather Case is the built-in pencil slot. This thoughtful addition enables users to conveniently store and access their Apple Pencil, ensuring they never lose it again. By offering enhanced functionality, this case is sure to attract customers who seek both style and practicality.

The My Devia Promise

As an authorized reseller, you can confidently offer the Rosy Series Leather Case With Pencil Slot for iPad to your customers, knowing they are getting a top-tier product from the reputable brand, My Devia. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that each case is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, promising a premium experience for all iPad users.

Incorporating the My Devia Rosy Series Leather Case into your product lineup will undoubtedly attract a wide range of customers looking to safeguard their iPads in style. With its impeccable fit, stylish appearance, and thoughtful features like the built-in pencil slot, this case is a must-have for iPad users. Partner with My Devia today and offer your customers the finest in premium iPad protection.


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