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Hydrogel Screen Protector Cutting Plotter

Remove your stock +10000 models on the same machine


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Hydrogel HD Smart Screen Protector

Forget about storing large quantities of tempered glass protectors that you never know if you are going to sell. With the hydrogel cutting plotter you make sure you always have the stock you need to serve all your customers. Yes, just like we told you.

Hydrogel films

The toughest screen protector the toughest screen protector on the market

They are suitable for all screens, scratch-resistant and resistant to possible knocks and drops.

We have a wide range: HD Screen Protector, Anti-Fingerprint, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Blue Ray and Privacy.

We have back protectors from the Aurora and Vinyl range to give your smartphone a new personality.

Business advantages

Don't lose any more sales, serve all your customers.





Supply/demand adjustment

Customer Loyalty

With a high-precision shark blade

Cutting speed 30 seconds per protector

Hydrogel HD Smart Screen Protector

Create screensavers for every device you can imagine.

+10000 models in one APP

Find all models on the market

Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo... ¡No hay marca que se nos resista!

The APP is regularly updated so that it is always up to date and ahead of new releases.

Features Smart HD Hydrogel

Discover the toughest screen protector on the market

Suitable for all screens

Scratch resistant

Automatic repair within hours

Anti-fall, shockproof

Perfect fit and high definition display

Fingerprint recognition

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