Every store needs a film cutter and a printer!

We have the world's smallest thermal sublimation printer that offers you on-site customizations and instant prints!

Power Bank

Intelligent Chip for Multiple Protections

Our power bank provides automatic shut-off and constant temperature to prevent overcharging and protect your devices, during the charging process.

Star series


Wireless Earphone

Star series
Wireless Earphone

Come and experience the full range off iPhone 15 accessories!

Come and experience the full range of iPhone 15 accessories!

UV Family

4 major product series

A mainstream trend product in the next 3 years One-key cutting, Good film shared by 30000+ models

Welcome to My Devia DENMARK

We provide accessories for your mobile device.

Do you want to improve your mobile accessories business?

We offer great mobile accessories and can be your reliable partner.

img cutting plotter hydrogel printer2 min
Cutting Plotter Hydrogel

Hydrogel cutting plotter + Mini Printer

Are you looking for a complete solution to expand your business? Offer the best protection for mobile devices and instant customization for your customers.

A faster and cheaper way to significantly expand your business and make your sales even more profitable.

Now, in addition to not losing sales, by having more than 30,000 device models that can protect your screens, you now have the complete solution that can customize the back of the devices your customer wants most.

My Devia Denmark

Hydrogel Cutting Plotter

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Hydrogel Cutting Plotter

This machine is really useful for people who have a shop that sells phones and phone accessories. It helps them put a special kind of film on the phone screens. The machine can make nice, clean cuts, so the film goes on without any bumps or air bubbles. If you're curious about how much the machine costs, we have good news! Our price is pretty cheap and we want to make sure you get your money's worth. That way, you can offer your customers a really good service that stands out from other shops.


img cutting plotter hydrogel printer2 min

Intelligent Thermal Sublimation MINI Printer

  • Compact and portable
  • Quick print
  • High-definition quality of picture
  • Long lasting fastness

Thermal Sublimation Technology
Restoration of true color.

+30000 models

available to choose from, where you will find all the brands and models on the market. Hydrogel Cutting Plotter

ico eficient

Efficient production:

Our plotter allows you to cut hydrogel protectors in a matter of minutes, saving and optimizing the efficiency of your business, increasing revenue.

ico person

Adaptability and customization:

With our plotter you can create custom screen protectors for a wide variety of devices, from smartphones to tablets.

ico calidad

High quality and durability:

Our hydrogel screen protectors are made of premium materials, ensuring long-lasting protection against scratches, bumps and drops, while preserving clarity and touch sensitivity.

mini plotter hidrogel
ico stock

Inventory reduction:

By cutting on the spot and on demand, our plotter allows you to reduce large inventories of pre-cut liners and save costs.

ico soporte

Support and technical assistance:

As part of our network, our team will be at your disposal free of charge, providing you with technical service and commercial advice completely free of charge, forever.

ixo plotter

Competitive advantage:

By offering our state-of-the-art screen protectors, you will stand out from the competition and be able to meet your customers' specific needs at lower costs.


img cutting plotter hydrogel printer2 min

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Highest strength mobile phone screen protector



Protection against shock, drops and scratches


Cutting Plotter

Cutting front and rear tread



High durability and screen protection


All devices

Used to protect all types of devices.