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Smart Series TWS-M4 Wireless Earbuds: Your Next-Gen Audio Experience

smart serie tws m4 earphone

In the relentless pursuit of superior audio quality and unbeatable convenience, the DEVIA brand proudly presents the TWS-M4 Smart Series Wireless Earphones. This revolutionary headset is a masterpiece of technology, designed to deliver an exceptional sound experience and clear calls, wherever you are.

Adapted 2-Microphone Call Noise Reduction Technology

Imagine a world where you can make crystal-clear calls, even in noisy environments. With four tailored microphones, the TWS-M4’s call noise reduction technology efficiently filters external noise during your calls, ensuring your voice is heard clearly and without distractions. Goodbye to unwanted noise, hello to seamless communication.

Elegant Design and Varied Colors

The TWS-M4 is not just about performance but also style. Available in White, Pink, Green and Black, this headphone not only enhances your listening experience but also complements your personal style. Whether in the office or at the gym, it adapts perfectly to your environment.

Advanced Bluetooth 5.3 Connection

Stay reliably connected with the TWS-M4’s Bluetooth 5.3 version. Compatibility with A2DP, HFP, HSP, AVRCP and AAC protocols provides a seamless audio experience when listening to music or making calls. And with an impressive transmission distance of up to 15 meters, your freedom of movement has never been greater.

Long-lasting Battery and Simple Recharging

The TWS-M4 is designed to last. With a battery capacity of 40mAh for each earbud and 250mAh for the charging case, you can enjoy up to 6.5 hours of music at normal volume and repeat this feat twice with the case. Furthermore, the Type-C charging interface ensures a fast and efficient recharging process.

smart serie tws m4 earphone2

Game Mode and More

In addition to answering calls and listening to music, the TWS-M4 offers an exciting gaming mode, providing an immersive experience for game lovers. This wireless headset is truly versatile, adapting to your every need.

Experience the Wireless Audio Revolution with the TWS-M4

Take your audio and communication experience to a new level with the DEVIA Smart Series TWS-M4 Wireless Earphones. Whether for work, play or entertainment, this headset has everything you need.

Click now to purchase your TWS-M4 and discover the world of superior sound quality and seamless wireless connectivity:


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