Guardian Power Bank (20000mAh)

Introducing the Guardian Power Bank (20000mAh) by My Devia: Unleash Your Device’s Power Anywhere, Anytime. Experience fast and reliable charging on the go with this sleek and powerful power bank. With a high power output of 10.5W and double in&out ports, you can charge multiple devices simultaneously and never run out of power. Travel worry-free with its airplane-friendly design. The Guardian Power Bank features a 20000mAh battery capacity, laser engraving technology, and a compact size for easy portability. Stay connected and powered up with the Guardian Power Bank by your side.


Black, White

Experience Fast and Reliable Charging on the Go With Our Power Bank

My Devia is proud to present the Guardian Power Bank, a sleek and powerful device designed to keep your devices charged on the go. With its impressive features and stylish design, this power bank is the perfect solution for all your charging needs. Available in classic black and elegant white, the Guardian Power Bank combines functionality and aesthetics in one compact package.

Stylish Design, Unparalleled Functionality

Key Features:
10.5W Charging Power: With a high power output of 10.5W, the Guardian Power Bank ensures quick and efficient charging for your devices. Say goodbye to long charging times and hello to a fast and reliable charging experience.

Double In&Out Ports: The Guardian Power Bank is equipped with both input and output ports, allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously while also charging the power bank itself. This convenient feature ensures that you never run out of power when you need it the most.

Airplane-Friendly: Designed to comply with airline regulations, the Guardian Power Bank can be safely carried on planes, making it the perfect travel companion. Stay powered up during long flights and layovers without any worries.

Your Trusted Travel Companion, Plane-Friendly Charging

Technical Specifications:
Battery Capacity: The Guardian Power Bank boasts an impressive 20000mAh battery capacity, providing ample power to charge your devices multiple times.
Rated Capacity: 10000mAh (5V/2.1A): This rating ensures a reliable and consistent charging performance.
Rated Energy: 74Wh/3.7V: A powerful energy output that guarantees your devices receive the power they need.
Input: The Guardian Power Bank offers both Type-C and Micro input options, supporting a 5V-2A charging rate for quick replenishment.
Output: Two USB-A ports (A1 and A2) deliver a stable 5V-2.1A output, enabling efficient charging for a wide range of devices.
Conversion Efficiency: With a conversion efficiency of ≥60%, the Guardian Power Bank maximizes its energy usage and minimizes power wastage.
Total: 10.5W: This power rating ensures fast and reliable charging for your devices.
Technology: Laser Engraving: The Guardian Power Bank features laser engraving technology, giving it a premium and sophisticated appearance.
Size: Compact and portable, the Guardian Power Bank measures 27.670137.3mm, making it easy to carry in your bag or pocket.
Weight: Despite its powerful performance, the Guardian Power Bank is lightweight, weighing only 397g, ensuring convenience during travel.
Cable: The power bank comes with a Micro cable, providing a reliable and versatile charging option for a wide range of devices.

The Guardian Power Bank (20000mAh) from My Devia combines high-capacity charging with convenient features, making it an essential accessory for anyone on the move. Whether you’re traveling, working, or simply enjoying your day-to-day activities, this power bank ensures that your devices stay powered up at all times. Choose the Guardian Power Bank for reliable and efficient charging on the go.

Product NameGuardian Power Bank (20000mAh)
ColorBlack, White
Battery Capacity20000mAh
Rated Capacity10000mAh (5V/2.1A)
InputType-C/Micro 5V-2A
OutputUSB-A1/A2: 5-V/2.1A
Rated Energy74Wh/3.7V
Conversion Effiency>60%
TechnologyLaser Graving
CableMicro Cable


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