Gracious Series Data Cable For Type-C (5V,2.4A 1M / 2M)

  • Brand: DEVIA
  • Product Name: Gracious Series Data Cable For Type-C (5V,2.4A 1M / 2M)
  • Length: 1M /2M
  • Output port: Type-C
  • Input port: USB
  • Output power: 5V-2.4A
  • Material: Nylon woven
  • Color: Black
  • Certification: CE\ROHS



1 meter, 2 meters

Introducing the My Devia Gracious Series Data Cable For Type-C (5V,2.4A 1M / 2M): The Ultimate Choice for Resellers

The Gracious Series Data Cable For Type-C (5V,2.4A 1M / 2M) by My Devia is a top-of-the-line product designed to meet the ever-growing demands of modern connectivity. With its exceptional features and reliability, this cable has become a preferred choice for resellers worldwide.

Gracious Series Data Cable For Type-C (5V,2.4A 1M / 2M): Unparalleled Specifications and Design

This data cable, from the esteemed brand DEVIA, is thoughtfully crafted to perfection. It comes in two convenient lengths, 1M and 2M, allowing users to choose the one that suits their needs best. The cable’s output port is Type-C, while the input port is USB, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices.

Delivering Optimal Power and Performance

With an impressive output power of 5V-2.4A, the Gracious Series Data Cable ensures swift charging and efficient data transfer. Whether it’s charging a smartphone, tablet, or any other compatible device, this cable gets the job done promptly, leaving users impressed with its performance.

Built to Last with Nylon Woven Material

Durability is at the heart of the Gracious Series Data Cable’s design. Constructed with high-quality nylon woven material, the cable can withstand daily wear and tear, making it a reliable and long-lasting option for consumers. The sleek black color adds a touch of sophistication to its overall appearance.

Certified for Quality and Safety

To guarantee the utmost satisfaction for both resellers and end-users, the Gracious Series Data Cable is CE and ROHS certified. This ensures that the product complies with all relevant safety and environmental standards, instilling confidence in its performance and reliability.

Captivating Resellers Worldwide

As a reseller, offering the Gracious Series Data Cable to your customers can elevate your product portfolio to new heights. With its exceptional quality, compatibility, and safety certifications, this cable becomes a desirable choice for consumers seeking reliable charging and data transfer solutions.


In conclusion, the My Devia Gracious Series Data Cable for Type-C is an exceptional product that ticks all the boxes for resellers and their customers. Its outstanding specifications, durable design, and safety certifications make it an appealing option for tech enthusiasts and everyday users alike. So why wait? Expand your product offerings and cater to your customers’ needs by adding the Gracious Series Data Cable to your inventory today!


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